Reborn System

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The Reborn System has always been a famous feature of Mystic Project. It has no direct link to the usual Rebirth System of official RO servers. Take note that the official Rebirth System has been deleted, however, you still can access transcend classes. Please read below for more informations. Thanks to the new settings, you won't have to level again as High Novice or High Mage.

  • You will follow this example : Novice --> Mage --> Wizard --> High Wizard

New Job Change Process
Job Level required Unlocks Job Level set to 1
Novice JobLevel 10 Mage Class Yes
Mage JobLevel 40~50 Wizard Class Yes
Wizard JobLevel 30~50 High Wizard Class No

  Which means that if you are Hunter and you want to become a Sniper, you just have to talk to the Job Changer as a Job 30~50 Hunter.
  • Take note that you can pay the Job Changer later with some JobExp in order to get back your missing levels.

How does it work?


As soon as you reach Base Level 80, you will unlock the Reborn NPC. You will go back to Base Level 1 but you will NOT loose your Job Level and you will NOT turn into a Novice again. Each Reborn will provide a decent amount of Status Point but you will be back at a lower Base Level. (View table below)

For example, if you chose to Reborn at Base Level 80 as first reborn, you will earn 12 Status Point and you will complete the 1st Reborn Achievement. You won't be able to Reborn again at Base Level 80, you will have to reach at least Base Level 82 if you want to perform your 2nd Reborn, grab the 2nd Reborn Achievement and be rewarded with another 12 Status Point.

  • Each Reborn achieved will reset your Base Level to a specific value :
    • 1st Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 1.
    • 2nd Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 10.
    • 3rd Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 20.
    • 4th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 30.
    • 5th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 40.
    • 6th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 50.
    • 7th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 60.
    • 8th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 70.
    • 9th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 80.
    • 10th Reborn achieved, you will be back to Base Level 90.
      • The newly obtained level upon reborning depends on the amount of Reborns done and not on the reborn number.

But... What happen if I am already Base Level 90 and I didn't use this Reborn System before ?

Don't worry, if you choose to Reborn, you will get the 1st Reborn reward, which means you will earn 12 Status Points. You will have to pay nothing to the NPC, since it's your first Reborn, and you will be Base Level 1 again.

In order to earn as much Status Point as possible, you will have to Reborn 10 times, in any order you want.

In fact, you can Reborn at Base Level 94, then to process a 2nd Reborn at Base Level 86 and a 3rd Reborn at Base Level 98 for example.

  If you complete all 10 Reborns, you will be rewarded with a Valkyrie Wing item.
  This equipement is placed as a Costume Garment and grants some great stats.
  You can see all infos about it in game by typing @ii 20622

Where to Reborn?

Novice Female 1.gif

To Reborn, head to the Midgard's Library, in Midgard City. The Library is also available through the Quick Access System.

Please check the table below for more information regarding the list of Reborns and their associated bonus Stats Points.

List of Reborns

Each Reborn level grants your character bonus Status Points.

Base Level required Bonus Status Points Items required
1st Reborn Base Level 80 +12 Status Points Great nature.gif 10 Great Nature
2nd Reborn Base Level 82 +12 Status Points Mystic frozen.gif 10 Mystic Frozen
3rd Reborn Base Level 84 +13 Status Points Flame heart.gif 10 Flame Heart
4th Reborn Base Level 86 +13 Status Points Old magic book.gif 5 Old Magicbook
5th Reborn Base Level 88 +14 Status Points Chivalry.gif 5 Chivalry Emblems
6th Reborn Base Level 90 +14 Status Points Cracked diamond.gif 5 Cracked Diamonds
7th Reborn Base Level 92 +15 Status Points Cracked diamond.gif 20 Cracked Diamonds

Emperium.gif 1 Emperium

8th Reborn Base Level 94 +15 Status Points Emperium.gif 3 Emperiums

Gold.gif 1 Gold

9th Reborn Base Level 96 +16 Status Points Gold.gif 3 Golds

Hand of god.gif 1 Hand of God

10th Reborn Base Level 98 +16 Status Points Hand of god.gif 5 Hands of God

Wisdom.gif 3 Necklaces of Wisdom
Oblivion.gif 3 Necklaces of Oblivion

  Items requirements depend on total reborn previously done and not on the reborn number.