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The whole team from DaRO thank you for your investment and all votes you submit on any top below !



By voting on ROTOPSERV, you earn Mystic Points that can be used in the Cash Shop!

In order to get your Mystic Points on your in-game account, please use the name of any character of the account your want points on. However, you better use the same name each time you vote since ONLY the higher amount of vote will be kept to grants you Mystic Points.

  • Votes are calculated the last day of each month at :
    • 11.45 pm, GMT+1, Paris time zone.
    • 5.45 pm, GMT-5, New York time zone.
    • 2.45 pm, GMT-8, Los Angeles time zone.
  • Each 5 votes, you will gather 1 Mystic Point, rounded to the nearest upper integer.
  • Each 5 votes, you will also gather 2 Bronze Coins, rounded to the nearest upper integer.
  A list of all people currently voting is available by clicking here!

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