WoE Domination

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One of the most famous features of Mystic Projects is back in a brand new version:

WoE Dominations offer guilds the opportunity to compete in a battle for strategic positions. For the occasion, DARO is innovating with the help of a map that is much better placed and larger than before.

Here too all participants are rewarded in one way or another, not just the winners!

This event is played in a guild and occurs once a week just like WoE 1st Edition.

Contenu Chest WoE :

- 100% Chest (zeny) - 50% OVB - 50% Yggdrasil Berry - 25% Yggdrasil Leaf - 10% Gem Box lvl 1 - 10% Old Card Album - 3% Gem Box lvl 2 - 2.5% de Broken Weapon - 1% Blue Print (random one) - 0.5% de Broken Legend - 75% Blood Branch - 25% Elite Blood Branch - 30% Stuff Box lv1 - 10% Stuff Box lv2 - 3% Stuff Box lv3 - 1% Stuff Box lv4 - 0.25% Stuff Box lv5 - 30% Hat Box lv1 - 10% Hat Box lv2 - 3% Hat Box lv3

Un coffre contient maximum 3 items, on check du plus bas rate au plus haut et quand on en a 3 on arrête, sinon on comble avec des Chest contenant des Zenys.

Le soir de la WOE où le chateau est concerné : 5 Chests Le soir d'une WOE où le chateau n'est pas concerné : 1 Chest


- Each domination map has 3 or 4 Emperiums.

- The goal is to collect as much points as possible while standing by the emperium.

- Protect your army.

- Destroy the extra strats through the war to get more points !


WoE Domination Maps
World Wide Domination
Lighthouse of Pharos