Mystic Project 5  |   Divine Ascension Ragnarok Online
Users Online: 33
Mystic Project 5 |   Divine Ascension Ragnarok Online
Users Online: 33

About Us


Mystic Project is more than 18 years old:

All projects were based on the concept of customs. We tried our best to be as close as balance and perfection while having features that won't exist anywhere.

Our goal is to create an environment that players have never seen before. Something that goes beyond anything you can imagine from Ragnarok Online. This last opus have deployed all we could do and will probably be the last. All features and things that we've created the past 15years are finally coming together and making a beautiful and perfect harmony.

We really hope you will enjoy it.

Team Mystic


Admin & Developer (Coding, Scripting, DB, Mapping, Client)
Spoken languages : English and french


Game Designer & Developer (Coding, Scripting, DB, web)
Spoken languages : english and french


Community Helper
Spoken languages : english and french

Shin Bi:

Web Developer
Spoken languages : french


Event Manager
Spoken languages : english and portuguese


Spoken languages : english and spanish

A special thanks to closed beta-testers : Belial, Denti, Geglash, Lam, Layla, Oxygene, Rezard, Varzog and Wrathsong.

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