Mystic Project 5  |   Divine Ascension Ragnarok Online
Mystic Project 5 |   Divine Ascension Ragnarok Online

Terms of Service

Please read before creating an account!

- General

If you do not understand any of the rules or else, take note that being unable to understand does not prevent you from being blamed about these rules.

If someone inform you that a GM stated for something, be sure to have the approval of the Staff in order to avoid any troubles.

If you suspect a staff member abusing their power beyond their designated purposes, please contact Grenat or Lutie for further investigations. Evidences will help but are not mandatory.

Any chargebacks on Mystic points purchased via Paypal, Stripe or PaymentWall will result in account suspension.

Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Please use common sense. If you think that something is missing there, notify us.

- Social

- PvM

- PvP

- Game-File Modification

Failure to comply to any rules will result in the appropriate punishment, which may or may not include a permanent ban.