General Features



DaRO has delivered the most daring and mastered custom pre-renewal server that we have ever seen in Ragnarok Online.

Generally speaking, our new features are made for an overall improvement and balance of the game.

Hunting Board

On DaRO, to be able to vary your grinding spots, we decided to implant a system based on races, elements, type or just ID.

→ This system will provide you additional experience point upon killing a monster that is affected by daily bonuses.

How it works ?

Affected settings Examples

• Demi-Human • Brute • Insect • Fish • Dragon • Plant

• Formless • Angel • Demon • Undead

Race DaRO Hunting Mission.png

• Neutral • Water • Earth • Fire • Wind • Poison

• Holy • Shadow • Ghost • Undead

Element DaRO Hunting Mission.png

• Small • Medium • Large

Size DaRO Hunting Mission.png
By ID among specific type • Monster Class
Monster DaRO Hunting Mission.png
• MvP Class
MvP DaRO Hunting Mission.png
Based on location • All monsters on a specific set of Dungeons
Dungeons DaRO Hunting Mission.png
• All monsters on a specific set of Fields
Fields DaRO Hunting Missions.png

Concrete examples with previous bonuses :
General Informations Experience Bonus
1988 Nepenthes.gif
  • [#1988 Nepenthes] :
    • Located on : Manuk Fields.
    • Race : Plant.
    • Element : Poison.
  • If you kill a [#1988 Nepenthes], you will earn :
    • → 19% more experience points based on location.
    • → 55% more experience points since it is a Plant Race.
    • → 27% more experience points since it is a Poison Element.

Where may I find these informations ?

Hunting Board & ROTD.png

If you leave the Midgard's center place by walking on the north-east road, you will see some NPC post. These NPC will be able to provide you all bonuses applied on that day.

Effects are reset daily at midnight time server.

  • Use @time to know what time is it !



The Announcer NPC is located at Midgard's Central place.

  • You won't be able to flood. However, it will be still helpful in order to find new teammates or guildmates or just to buy, sell or trade an item !


Everyday at 7pm, an auction will be open with random Cash Shop Items.

→ You can find all kind of items thanks to this system. Moreover, these items will be cheaper than the usual Cash Shop.
  • Use @time to check what time it is !
    • The time zone will be centered on Los Angeles. It will be set to UTC -7.

DB & MVP Room

You can now rent a room for yourself, your party, or your guild for a 60 minutes duration. Rental fees are 5,000,000 zenys.

You will find a NPC in the middle of the area, selling you Dead Branch (100 000z a piece), and Bloody Branch (10 000 000z a piece).

If there is no monsters in the room, you can click on the NPC to be healed.

Zenys cost Effects
Dead Branch
50 000z Summon a random Monster
Elite Dead Branch
150 000z Summon a random Elite Monster
Bloody Branch
10 000 000z Summon a random MVP
Elite Bloody Branch
30 000 000z Summon a random Elite MVP

GM House

If you need to leave a message to a Staff Member, please visit the GM House, accessible through Valkyrie NPC.

→ Sometimes, GMs host audiences at this place to talk about serious matters, or just to be closer to their community.


The official Inn System is obviously not used anymore. This system was used some years ago to recover HP & SP fully after you paid a bunch of Zenys to the innkeeper. It offered an automatic savepoint to players at the same time.

Since this system has been forgotten by most players, on DARO, we decided to change the goal of Inns. Inns will allow you to disconnect from the game and rest.

  • While you're disconnected, your character still gain some EXP Points, plus a bonus rate of EXP for a certain time when you reconnect the game.
    • You will also be buffed by an Agility Increase and a Blessing, both Level 10.

Cards & Gems Remover NPC

DaRO's Card & Gems Remover NPC allows you to take back any cards & gems you want to. The NPC is located in Midgard's City, near the Inn.

1 F ORIENT 04.gif

Our smith doesn't work for free. You will have to pay in order to unslot a Card or a Gemstone from an piece of gear. Fees are 200 000 zenys, a Star Crumb & a Yellow Gemstone.

  • There is a risk of loosing either your equipment, your Cards or your Gemstone.
    • The NPC will ask you which item you prefer to save if any of them should break.

Two items exist to improve your chance of success by granting your more luck:

Unslot Tool : You don't pay the items & zenys fee to the Smith.

Perfect Unslot Tool : Fully protect your items from breaking while unslotting but still have a chance of failure.

  If you have a Premium Account, you will have 50% more success rate to unslot your items safely, which means :
Classic without Unslot Tool Classic with

Unslot Tool

Premium without Unslot Tool Premium with Unslot Tool
Rate to have everything destroyed 8% 6% 4%
Rate to have nothing destroyed but unslot failure 7% 5% 3%
Rate to save the one you chose to save and destroy the other 45% 30% 20%
Rate to save both your items and unslot success 40% 59% 73%

Warper & Quick Access

Valkyrie will warp you anywhere you want.
However, if you want to teleport to a dungeon or an instance, you must visit it before and complete a short quest at the entrance by talking to a NPC.
→ See the Dungeon Access page for more details.
→ Once the quest is done, Valkyrie can warp you there.

Don't worry, the quest offers a great amount of experience points and it won't take long to achieve it !

  • You can travel freely between towns and you won't have to pay a visit to any of them before.
    • Valkyrie can bring you to some special areas if you want to go to the GM House, the Casino or Turbo Track for example.

If you are lost, take note that you can meet Quick Access' NPCs, they are hired to help you finding any NPC you are looking for.
You can also talk with them just to know what kind of NPCs are present in a city.

Job Changer

On DaRO, changing your class is a party!

→ It will also show you pictures of your choices and will be able to provide you more informations on your future job.
  • The process will reset your skill but it will provide you all Platinum Skills of your Class without doing any related quest.
  • You can turn as a Hunter at Job Level 40 as an Archer !
  • You can turn as a Sniper at Job Level 30 as a Hunter !
  Our dear Valkyrie allow players to get back Skill points that should have been acquired earlier since people can choose to turn as a 
  Transcended class just by talking to her and select the corresponding option.
It will costs you 2.000.000 Job Experience and it can be done as many time as necessary. Up to 10 times !

Kugan Reset mention

  Since you can freely reset your Kugans while being a first Job, 
  the Job Changer will ask you if you want to reset your Kugans before your Job Change.
  Please note that this will be the last time you can reset your Kugans for free.
  • Take note that Dorams, also called Summoners can't reset their Kugans for free since they will be 1st class for their whole life.
  • Taekwons reaching Job Level 49 will be alerted regarding their free reset limit since the Taekwon Master can level up to Job 70, but only reset before Job 50 freely.

Reset Stats / Skills / Zodiac Sign

You can reset your Stats points, your Skills points and your Zodiac Sign at Midgard's Castle.

  However, if you have a Reset Coupon, fees will be set to 0 zeny and it will be free!

Fees vary depending of the type of reset you want.

  • Reset Stats : BaseLevel x BaseLevel x 20, cost mentionned in zenys.
  • Reset Skills : BaseLevel x BaseLevel x 20, cost mentionned in zenys.
  • Reset Stats & Skills : BaseLevel x BaseLevel x 30, cost mentionned in zenys.
  • Reset Zodiac Sign : Oblivion Voucher

After a reset, you will be able to reset freely during 10 minutes.