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All the following cards are organized alphabetically.
  Take note that combo cards and all sets of cards are still doing the appropriate effect of the combo,
  despite not being shown in the table below.
  Elite version of cards are still working for combo cards and all set of cards.

  • Examples of cards which doesn't have the combo or set specific effects written in their descriptions :
Combo Cards Set of Cards
Nightmare Card & Nightmare Terror Card Dragon Tail Card, Merman Card, Anolian Card, Alligator Card & Cruiser Card
  • Increase 'Curse' chance of the Nightmare Card to 9%.
  • Inflict 20% more damage with Long Range Physical attack.
  • Agi + 5
  • Dex + 3
  • Perfect Hit (which never miss its target) + 20%.
  • If [Archer Class]

    • Receive 5% more Experience Points from Brute monsters.
    • Add a chance of auto casting 'Coma' on Brute monster when attacking.
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