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Welcome to DARO, two custom private servers based in the United States and Europe!
After 18 years of development, we bring you a unique and tailored Ragnarok Online experience.

Server Information

DARO Information
Episode : 14.1 with custom content up to 17.2
Capital City: Midgard (Custom town) Host Location : Quebec
Instant Cast : No (Minimum 15% of Casting Time) Quest experience: x10
Base & Job experience: x15 Item Drop : x20 (Logarithmic System)
Normal Cards: 0.15% Elite Cards, Mini-Boss Cards & MvP Cards: 0.1%
Max Base Level: 103 Max Job Level: 70
Max Stats: 99 Party Capacity: 12 players
Max ASPD: 190 Party Share: 15 levels

Drop Table

  • DaRO is a server based on a x20 Logarithmic Drop Table.
  • You can use these in-game commands to have more informations about any drop percentage :
    • @mi MonsterName
    • @mi MonsterID
    • @whodrops ItemName
    • @whodrops ItemID

→ If you want more informations about the logarithmic system, please check below.

The part called "Official Drop Percentage" is the drop percentage of an item, based on Official Ragnarok Server while "DaRO Drop Percentage" shows you the Drop rate for the corresponding official percentage.

  Take note that this system doesn't affect Cards & MvP Cards drop table.
  Basic, Mini-Boss & MvP Cards have a 0.1% drop rate no matter the system used.
Drop Table
Official Drop Percentage 0.01% 0.02% 0.05% 0.10% 0.20% 0.50% 1.00% 2.00% 5.00% 10.00% 20.00%
DaRO Drop Percentage 0.20% 0.36% 0.76% 1.32% 2.28% 4.62% 7.73% 12.70% 23.58% 36.33% 53.64%

Full NPC List

NPC List
Healer Warper (towns, dungeons, special place) / Quick Access (to the Midgard's NPC)
Job Changer Reset Girl
DB / MVP Room Card / Gems Remover
Skill Platinum Reset Stats / Skills / Astral Sign
Guild Storage Casino
Mount Master Weather Changes
Broadcaster GM House
Taekwon Shoes/Sneakers Daily Quests
Auction Hat Costume Storage
MVP / PvP / Emperium Break Rank PvP Room

(Hair Colors: 251 / Hair Styles: 80 + 7 special / Dye Colors: 551)


(Full Heal / Increase Agility & Blessing / XP upon disconnection)

Some Useful Commands

@commands Show the list of available commands @rates Show the actual Exp & Drop rates
@refresh Refresh your screen @autotrade Allow you to log out while having a Trading Shop open
@showzeny Show Zenys gained upon a kill @showexp Show Experience Points gained upon a kill
@autoloot Allow you to grab all item upon a kill automatically @alootid Allow you to only loot a specific item
@autoloottype Allow you to only loot a specific type of item @time A command that gives the hour

@ii <name/ID>

Show information related to an item @mobinfo

@mi <name/ID>

Show information related to a monster
@homstats Show all stats of your Homunculus @hominfo Show information about your Homunculus
@whodrops <name/ID> Show which monsters may drop an item
PvP, BG & Events
@joinbg Allow you to join Battlegrounds' queue @leavebg Allow you to leave Battlegrounds' queue
@reportafk Allow you to report an AFK player to an Admin @listenbg Show & hide Battlegrounds' broadcasts
@joinevent Join an Automated Event when it occurs @bginfo Give remaining time, amount of players and score for every ongoing Battlegrounds
Custom Systems


Grant access to an option Menu @i Allow players to talk with in big characters during an invasion


Feed a pet instantly without having to click on the Food @mount Equip mount
@summonconfig Switch summons set @myinfo Show basic information as if you just logged in (levels and reputation)
@hat Equip & unequip Costume Hats @changedress Show & hide a specific dress style like a Wedding Dress or a Tuxedo
@nokugan Activate & desactivate Kugan skills if you have trouble putting Skill Points @kuganinfo Give information related to your Kugans
@search Start searching during Mercenary Quests @explore Start exploring during Mercenary Quests
@linkitem Link an item in the chat to show it to others Shift + Left Click on an item Link an item in the chat to show it to others
@battlestats Show detailed information about your stats, resistances and bonuses @sumatk Allows you to ignore summons while attacking
@sumsize Allows the summoner to reduce summons' size, works with any summon @suminfo Gives you informations about your summons


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