2024-02-17 : As the server is reopening, the rates are increased definitely. See the Main page for more informations. The server is opened and fully released but no or little debug will be done as the team is working on another project. The server is opened based on old players demand :)
  If you can't find the information you were looking for, please contact us on Discord.
  Some of the content is partially released or not released at all yet. Please refer to informations on specific pages.
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Character.gif Character Card gif.gif Gear Emperium.gif PvP & Events

Official RO modifications

Global Information

Everything you need to know

How to start your adventure on DaRO?

Jobs and Skills modifications

Unimplemented Official Skills

Guild Skills modifications

New Experience Table

Refine System modifications

Adapted Renewal content

Summoner Class Revamped


Introduction to Kugans

Kugan: Classics list

Kugan: Specializations


Which job to choose?

Zodiac Signs

Reborn System

Mastery System (Lv 100 ~ 103)


New types of equipment

New gear pieces and Half-God items

Modified Renewal Gear

Level 5 Weapons

Headgears System

New Cards & Official Cards modifications

Map Items

Mount System

Bonus & Enchantments

Gemstones System (3rd item slot)

Custom Enchant System (4th item slot)

Quality System (Random bonuses)

Qpets & Homunculus

Custom Qpet System

How to get and manage your Homunculus


Custom Battlegrounds

Sadrith Arena

Wars of Emperium

WoE 1st Edition

WoE Domination



Automated Events

World Bosses, Event Bosses & Purgators

Benedictions System

Peco Peco System


Reputation System

General rewards

Voting rewards

World1.gif World World.gif Quests Wrench.gif System


New Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons (Party)

Elemental Dungeons


Trial of Babel (Individual / Party)

Monster Laboratory (Party)

Gods' Temples (Party)

Smart Instances

Midgard North & Associated Monsters

Midgard North

Elite Monsters Index

Official RO modifications

Custom Achievements System

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Achievements

Eden Quests to Level Up

Custom Quests

Main story Quest

Annexe Main Quest

Side stories Quests

Daily Quests

Mercenary Quests

Daily EXP Quests

Time-Space Rift

Custom Features

General Features

Midgard Overview

New features

Automated scenes & Smart NPC

Styling your character

Environment enhancements


Guardian System


Premium Account System

Advanced Casino

Anti-AFK System