Kugan: Specializations



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A Specialization reflects a job from a specific gameplay or skills set. It allows access to specialized Kugans drawing their strengths from the Skills and roles of the different Ragnarok Online's jobs.

The limit is your imagination! Any Specialization can be chosen, there is no job limitation.

Getting a Specialization

To chose a Specialization, head to the Midgard's Library, in Midgard City. The Library is also available through the Quick Access System. Click on the book associated with the desired Specialization to visualize the list.

You can choose up to 2 Specializations in order to expand the list of Kugans from which to draw:

  • You can select your first Specialization from your first Kugan level at the Midgard's Library.
  • A second Specialization can be unlocked once the Kugan level 51 is reached.

Specializations List

1stjobs icon.png First Jobs
Swordman Thief Merchant Acolyte Archer Mage
Second Jobs
Knight icon.png Knight Assassin icon.png Assassin Blacksmith icon.png Blacksmith Priest icon.png Priest Hunter icon.png Hunter Wizard icon.png Wizard
Crusader icon.png Crusader Rogue icon.png Rogue Alchemist icon.png Alchemist Monk icon.png Monk Performers icon.png Bard & Dancer Sage icon.png Sage
Expanded Jobs
Gunslinger icon.png Gunslinger Ninja icon.png Ninja Taekwon icon.png Taekwon Star gladiator icon.png Star Gladiator Soul linker icon.png Soul Linker Super novice icon.png Super Novice
Custom Job
Soul linker icon.png Summoner
  • Invoker (?)
  • Harbinger (?)
  • Seer (?)
  • Reaper (?)