Midgard Overview


1. Midgard Academy

In Midgard Town, you can find a building where the Midgard's Academy takes place. You can head north-east from the Midgard's center place to see the building.

→ In this area, you will be able to find a lot of informations about Classic, Monsters Elite Monsters & all dropped items from Elite Monsters.

  • Moreover, since the world is in chaos, people will need your help offering you some Mercenary Quests.
    • You can also find the NPC that help you to abandon your own obligations regarding the Mercenary Quests you accepted before.

MISSING INFORMATION ALERT You can also get married there. Some NPCs will handle all the arrangements for you !

List of all NPCs

Concerning Marriage

You will find NPCs to get marry at the academy of Midgard.

Concerning Mercenary Quests

Mercenary Quests NPCs
Finish & Resign NPC.png
  • The NPC on the left will allow you to be rewarded upon the completion of a Mercenary Quest's.
  • The second NPC, on the right, will allow you to delete a Mercenary Quest if you don't want to complete it anymore !
Exploring Quests NPC.png
Harvesting Quests NPC.png
Hunting Quests NPC.png
Mailing Quests NPC.png
Searching Quests NPC.png
Supplying Quests NPC.png
Tracking Quests NPC.png

2. Midgard's Castle

Midgard's Castle is where reside the Sovereign Hildegard.


You will be able to exchange your reputation pts for rewards at the castle, as well as event ticket, casino token etc... All rewards occur at the castle, included War of Emperium.

Job Changer

The job changer is located inside the castle.

Reset Stats & Skills

The NPC is located inside the castle.

Platinum Skills

The NPC is located inside the castle.


Contain the NPC to start one activity.

3. Midgard's Library

Kugan & Specializations

This is where you will be able to choose a specialization and kugan skills.

Reborn System

You will be able to reborn there.

Mastery System

You will be able to pass Lv 100+ there.

4. Midgard's Hospital

Qpet Revive

This is where you go when your pet is K.O.

5. Midgard's Stable

Mount System

You will be able to buy a Mount and its skills.

Peco peco System

It is also located at the stable.

6. Midgard Airline


You will be able to travel through airplane if you have visited those areas at least once.


You will be able to travel in Midgard North only if you have already discovered the zone once.

7. Inn

Recover yourself at the Inn, you will receive Agi and Blessing Lv 10 (or 15 if VIP).

8. Hat Costume & Stylist

They are located there.

9. Card & Gem Remover

The NPC which removes Cards and Gems is located there. It costs 200k +25k per card, 1 star crumb and 1 yellow gemstone unless you have a Unslot Tool. If you have a perfect unslot tool, the chance is 100% to succeed.


11. Breeders

This is where you can get a Falcon or Peco Peco.

12. Midgard's Market

That place is the only area where you can open a merchant Shop.

13. Card Exchange

DaRO offers the possibility to disolve any cards into Card Shard. 7 Card Shards can be exchanged for Card Album. There are many card albums:

- Old Card Album (OCA): Regular monsters cards

- Mystical Card Album (MCA): Mini-Boss monsters cards

- Aged Card Album (ACA): New world monsters cards

- Yore Card Album: Midgard North monsters cards

- Ancient Card Album : Elite monsters cards

14. Tool dealers & equipments

All equipments from merchants around Midgard are sold here.

15. Pet Breeder

The new Qpet system requires you to interact a lot with the Pet Breeder. It is located there.

16. Midgard North Fields

Each map has to be explored in order to move forwards in Midgard North. It is the end-game so be prepared to fight all monsters of Ragnarok Elite mode with custom skills and stats. The drop rate is x2 + custom loots for each of them. There will be an exploration quest and sometimes hunting quest in order to be able to move to the next map. At some points, you will be able to unlock Towns and have the possibility to use Midgard Airplane to travel to some fields.