Advanced Casino



If you love to play in casinos, this one will blow your mind.

It is a fully complete smart casino made to entertain players. This Casino is located at Comodo.

  • Since it's a renowned company, you will need to dress you up, otherwise you won't get in ! There is a reception, bodyguards, games, waitresses, and of course, a bar ! However, you will only be allowed to enter if you wear a Tuxedo or a Wedding Dress !
    • You can buy these luxury costumes in Midgard, Prontera or Lighthalzen Shops.

There are no NPC pop-up windows for a smoother gameplay, you just have to click on the game and it will play by itself, consuming the corresponding amount of tokens requiered.


Casino Games
Type How it works ?
All or Nothing
  • Bet an amount of Poring Coins and double them !
  • The cards are fully displayed in your chat, it is a real 21 Blackjack, be careful to do not be addicted !
  • Spend 1 token to play the lottery. You chance 3% chance to get a prize !
Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • If you win 3 times, you will get some poring coins !
  • The dice is spinning, and spinning. This is a battle between you and the dealer.
Slot Machine
  • The slot machines have a beautiful display, you have to assemble a combination of 3 identical items in order to win the game.

How to play ?

Each time you want to play a game, you will have to handle Tokens in your inventory. Each game requires Tokens to be played.

  • Tokens can be exchanged at the Reception for Zenys.

Don't worry if you purchased too much Tokens, you will be able to exchange them back for Zenys !

What am I rewarded with ?

All games will give you the chance to earn Poring Coins by winning. Just choose a game and go ahead !

Poring Coins are used at the reception for rewards.

How long to get Poring Coins ?

Here some simple math :

100,000z = 100 Tokens.

It will require 4min of playtime to get 100 poring coins, or 1h for 1600 Poring Coins, 4h for 6000 Poring Coins.

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