WoE 1st Edition

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Monsters are back in castles as they should be unless the castle is belonging to a guild.

The War of Emperium is doing a circle :

The War starts at Prontera, the next one Aldebaran, the next one Payon, the next one Geffen, and coming back to Prontera.

The number of castles open is depending on how many players are connected in the server (Max 5, the entire city where the war occurs).

Rewards are available for Guild Master but also Guild Members at Midgard's Castle (NPC Kwaii).

Emperium Break rank and kills rank also exist for your own pride.

Contenu Chest WoE :

  • 100% Chest (zeny)
  • 50% OVB
  • 50% Yggdrasil Berry
  • 25% Yggdrasil Leaf
  • 10% Gem Box lvl 1
  • 10% Old Card Album
  • 3% Gem Box lvl 2
  • 2.5% de Broken Weapon
  • 1% Blue Print (random one)
  • 0.5% de Broken Legend
  • 75% Blood Branch
  • 25% Elite Blood Branch
  • 30% Stuff Box lv1
  • 10% Stuff Box lv2
  • 3% Stuff Box lv3
  • 1% Stuff Box lv4
  • 0.25% Stuff Box lv5
  • 30% Hat Box lv1
  • 10% Hat Box lv2
  • 3% Hat Box lv3

Un coffre contient maximum 3 items, on check du plus bas rate au plus haut et quand on en a 3 on arrête, sinon on comble avec des Chest contenant des Zenys.

Le soir de la WOE où le chateau est concerné : 5 Chests Le soir d'une WOE où le chateau n'est pas concerné : 1 Chest

No Flee penalty anymore