WoE Domination



One of the most famous features of Mystic Projects is back in a brand new version:

WoE Dominations offer guilds the opportunity to compete in a battle for strategic positions. For the occasion, DARO is innovating with the help of a map that is much better placed and larger than before.

Here too all participants are rewarded in one way or another, not just the winners !

This event is played in a guild and occurs once a week just like WoE 1st Edition.

Costumes are disabled during WoE.


WoE Time

  WoE Domination will last 45 minutes to one hour. The end time is random in this treshold.
  These WoEs will begin each sunday at 11 am time server. Use @time to check it out.

WoE Rewards

  • The chest contains maximum 3 items of the mentionned list.
    • 100% Zenys Chest
    • 50% OVB
    • 50% Yggdrasil Berry
    • 25% Yggdrasil Leaf
    • 10% Gem Box lvl 1
    • 10% Old Card Album
    • 3% Gem Box lvl 2
    • 2.5% Broken Weapon
    • 1% Random Blueprint
    • 0.5% de Broken Legend
    • 75% Bloody Branch
    • 25% Elite Bloody Branch
    • 30% Stuff Box Lv1
    • 10% Stuff Box Lv2
    • 3% Stuff Box Lv3
    • 1% Stuff Box Lv4
    • 0.25% Stuff Box Lv5
    • 30% Hat Box Lv1
    • 10% Hat Box Lv2
    • 3% Hat Box Lv3

  • Each day, you can claim your deserved Chests. The amount of chest available vary :
    • If the castle was implied during a WoE, you will get 5 Chests.
    • Otherwise only 1 Chest will be granted if you are the owner of the Castle.


- Each domination map has 3 or 4 Emperiums.

- The goal is to collect as much points as possible while standing by the emperium.

- Protect your army.

- Destroy the extra strats through the war to get more points !


WoE Domination Maps
World Wide Domination
Lighthouse of Pharos